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    MDI Windows

    I am trying to send a WM_CHAR message from one application to a MDI child window, am I right in thinking that I have to pass it through the client window? If so how do I call SendMessage()?
    SendMessage( client, WM_CHAR, // heres the problem )
    How do I specify the child window and the key?
    Thanks for any help

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    in any case, there are lots of ways to get a specific child window. You can keep track of which one is on top with WM_MDIACTIVATE and set a "current" child. if that's not the one you want, you can use EnumChildWindows on the client window. that should be an easy way to send a message to every one of the children. Or you can just maintain your own list of children by adding and removing on every child's WM_CREATE and WM_DESTROY.
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