Thread: how do i do these things?

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    how do i do these things?

    I'm using win32 api
    Could anyone tell me how you make progress bars that are like install shield. And my other question is how should i check if the mouse is over like a graphic so i can make to change color or something. Thanks if you can answer these.

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    What exactly are 'progressbars like install shield'?

    Do you mean,

    A progress bar is a common contol that can be created with a call to CreateWindowEx() with 'PROGRESS_CLASS' as the class name param. Must InitCommonCtrls() first. The resource editor can also make them. MSVC v6 calls them a 'progress' .

    hwndPB = CreateWindowEx(0, PROGRESS_CLASS, blah, blah.....

    I have posted code before as to how to update, reset ect. Run a search to find.

    To determine if a mouse is over a control ect need to have SetCapture() for that dialog, window or control (to get the mouse msg's). Then a simple PtInRect() with the mouse point and client rectangle of the control will do it.

    Look for GetClientRect(), SetCapture(), PtInRect() and ReleaseCapture() . GetDlgItem() may help.

    WM_MOUSEMOVE, or one of the WM_LBUTTONDOWN ect is the msg to look for.
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