Thread: Initiating command prompt execution

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    Initiating command prompt execution

    How would I initiate command prompt execution within a windows execution?

    For example, say I had a popup dialog in which I could paste a URL, and upon clicking "Ok" it would call a program that runs from the command line, and give it command line arguments?

    I ask this because I have a neat java program I made but at the moment, it will only run in the command line. I would like to give it a simple windows interface since windows supports easy cut and paste. (Yes, I know command line does too, but its irritating)


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    I think the system command will do:
    system("C:\\program.exe arg1 arg2");

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    You can launch a console prog from a windows environment and not display the console if you wish....

    You use CreateProcess the CREATE_NO_WINDOW option and pass handles that the console app uses for stdin & then read to and from the app witout a console window....this will allow you to show the console's results while having a nice cut & paste gui....

    Have a search on the web for examples

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