Thread: What messages are sent before WM_NCCREATE?

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    What messages are sent before WM_NCCREATE?

    I noticed a while ago that there is a message that is sent before WM_NCCREATE, but I cant seem to find out what it is, I know that its numeric value is 36. Anyone know the WM_?? Or know of a listing of the WM_messages and their numeric values?
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    Hi xds4lx, the WM_NCCALCSIZE is sent before WM_NCCREATE. I think WM_MEASUREITEM (or the other 'measure' msg) may be sent first.

    A reasonably quick way of determing the order is to step through your code and store the WM_* values as they arrrive in your wndproc; you can then examine them in any way that is convenient to you.

    edit: 36=0x24=WM_GETMINMAXINFO (the other 'measure' msg ). Most of the message codes are listed in winuser.h so a quick search on the hex value (msvc header, haven't checked others) will usually locate the msg for you. Hope that helps.
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