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    Question Help compiling a simple tutorial(DirectX)

    I am having troubles compiling a simple DirectX tutorial with my free borland compiler(you know, the 5.5 one). Because I really have no knowledge of DirectX at all right now, I am having a lot of trouble figuring out what the problem is. It doesn't seem like it can be in the tutorial code, I mean, usually tutorial examples are pretty correct..

    The tutorial I am using is here:

    Note that I can compile everything before this point, no problem. I am using the DirectX 8.1 SDK, and I have taken the steps necessary to aquire Borland versions of the .lib files.

    When I try to compile that tutorial, I get an error in the input.cpp code(all the rest seems to be fine). The error is on line 120, "Undefined symbol 'i' in function __stdcall DIEnumDevicesBySemanticsCallback(const DIDEVICEINSTANCEA *,IDirectInputDevice8A *,unsigned long,unsigned lonng,void *)"

    I'd really appreciate some help on this. I'm thinking the problem might somehow be with DirectInput and the fact that I'm using Borland rather than Visual(which Microsoft is obviously biased towards in the latest DirectX SDK...).

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    hmmm...when i was playing with dx last time, i came upon similar problem...error with dinput libraries or so. Unfortunately, i do not remember how did i solve it, if i did at all . I'll take a look.
    I'd recommend Borland's newsgroups...

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    Post Me again

    Yeah... I actually played around with it and got it down to an unresolved external-type error, which I know is related to a .lib. I had this problem when I first did something with DirectDraw. I followed some instructions somewhere and got Borland versions of the libs. This solved my DirectDraw problem. However, I am now having the same problem with DirectInput, and it doesn't seem like I have the right libs still...

    The error I get now is Unresolved External '_IDD_IDirectInput8A' referenced from... etc etc.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to repair this? I am including dinput8.lib and ddraw.lib

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    The IIDs For DirectX are kept in dxguid.lib, so I would recommend you include that, too.
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