Thread: Creating my own button

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    Creating my own button

    I have created 4 ownerdraw buttons as child windows and I am trying to display a bitmap on the buttons.

    I believe the correct way of doing this is to use the SendMessage function with the message BM_SETIMAGE. On MSDN it is given as this:

    To send this message, call the SendMessage function as follows. 
    lResult = SendMessage(      (HWND) hWndControl,           (UINT) BM_SETIMAGE,      (WPARAM) wParam,          (LPARAM) lParam      );  
    Specifies the type of image to associate with the button. This parameter can be one of the following values: 
    Handle to the image to associate with the button.
    I have entered IMAGE_BITMAP in as the third argument and as the fourth argument I have used the handle to my bitmap. The problem is that it won't compile stating that the fourth argument should be a long. I tried type casting this argument and it compiled but did not display the bitmap. I believe my method of creating the handle to the bitmap is correct as I have used it elsewhere successfully. Am I doing anything wrong with regards to the use of the SendMessage function?

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    Did you cast it to (LPARAM)?

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