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    no program sound

    I do not hear any sound eg when i start the computer. I looked in the control panel-sounds. When i try to play a wav-file from there,i get an error saying that the files are demaged allthough i can play them with windows media player. Another problem: when i try to play the wav-files with the soundrecorder i get an error saying that another program is playing audio but there isn't. Not that i am aware of.

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    I've had a similar problem before. Even though I fixed it a different way, I don't want to be overly complicated in my explanation. So you should uninstall your sound card drivers, remove you sound card from your hardware profile and reboot. Windows should fix your problem.

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    When you had this problem,where you still able to play a CD?? I am so I guess it isn't the sound card. Or allthough I can play a cd,this could be the problem?

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