Thread: Good Programming Style for Win32

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    From no style,some style, to any thing you want. It appears that the whole range is represented here. I guess that is why software projects don't meet deadlines and production releases have bugs. QA can't catch everything.

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    Originally posted by Carlos

    Well, guys, as long as you're "developing" your homework only
    Well actually I'm not. I am currently working for a programming company that works with thousands of lines of code all the time in their projects. As well as currently I have a project on the go personally that is over a thousand lines of code which isn't even close to being done.
    Use the code Luke.

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    Cerion, I didn't mean to offend you.

    I just hate messy code, like which we had to bugfix. It was 6 months of horrible work.
    After indenting (!) it (this took about 1 month, as the code was huge, redundant, and full of if/else instead of switch), we started to haunt and rename variables - globals got a "my-" prefix, locals "a-/an-", params "-in / -out" suffix, etc. + hungarian notation :P.
    After applying these rules, our life became easier.

    8 months passed, there are no new bugs (there were over 200 when we got the original source!), the code could get a prize for it's look, and even a newbie could easily understand it.

    Thanks hungarian notation...

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    It doesn´t matter if you have a style or not, good, clean and organized code is more important than any notation, specially for debugging.

    just try using your own notation, use more time writing clean code rather than wasting time on notations

    if you have a notation or a style, cool, use it.


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