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    Question how bout imaging?

    is there any way to use c++ to load and work with image files such as jpg and other image formats? I am a beginner to the language but need something more interesting than simply dealing with consoles and text messages to really get into it. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    There is really no easy way. Unfortunately, the only alternate to API calls are video interrupts, I believe. Windows API calls were not designed for the high-level graphic manipulation you may expect from an OS. This is mainly to discourage lazy people from developing applications quickly I guess. You just have to be patient and learn it little by little, and encapsulate it into say a C++ library to enable quicker development in your apps.
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    >is there any way to use c++ to load and work with image files such as jpg and other image formats?

    Yes of course. But C++ is language, not an API itself for dealing with images. You would either need to write the code to read JPEG (or whatever) and render them. Or

    use someone elses API. Windows has basic API functions for handling bitmaps, but you may need something else for more sophisticated projects. Try

    as a start.
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    You will need the latest version of GDIplus.dll to use anything apart from bitmaps.

    GDI+ will allow the use of JPG's and many other image formats. I use a library from Smalleranimals software to do image manipulation.

    What did you want to do to the images? Redraw them or process them for info (ie OCR)?

    look here for GDI+ info

    or MSDN
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