Thread: Is This Possible?

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    Is This Possible?


    I was wondering if it was possible to make a Download Accelerator or Download Maneger? And If So Where Would I Begin?

    Thank You

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    Lookup Winsock...

    Also look up the RFCs on HTTP and FTP

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    >I was wondering if it was possible to make a Download Accelerator or Download Maneger?

    No. The existing ones popped into existance some years ago and are rumored to be from another dimension called xwaquorkly.

    Certainly you can write one, others managed, too. It might be a bit complicated and you should look up Sockets and look for open source of this theme.

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    A download manager isn't exactly a ton of coding. I think it is a common misconception that socket programming will result in a program that took several thousand lines of code. My first server, though a bit on the crappy side, ran just fine and only took about 175 lines of code. As for download accelerators you can do this depending on what you mean. You can probably squeeze a couple percent higher download rate than IE using various optimizations. However, it isn't like you are going to magically double your download speeds. If you are looking for a huge leep in performance you might as well ask "How do a make a program that increases my cpu clock speed?" Those programs you find out there, like many things on the internet, are too good to be true.

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    Exactly. The bottleneck is simply in the speed of the modems transfering the data. One possibility would be to have a server execute a chunk of code that you send it such as a file compressor. That is unlikely, though, and besides, some data just cannot be compressed much more than they already are. I would like to add / boast that although only 75% as efficient as WinZip in most cases, my file compressor is amazing for 1 - 10 color bitmaps. I can compress a 20MB single color bitmap to a mere 98 bytes(!) compared with WinZip's 12K! Otherwise, the preformance is modest, except on text, where it is sometimes unnoticable! Anyway, I am straying. There is really no other solution other than getting a faster modem!
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