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    DLL Problem

    As far as I know I don't need a .DEF file when using the command __declspec(dllexport) before my functions to be exported . what I've read is that this command is MS specific and I'm using it in Dev C++ and am wondering if this would have any impct on the DLL file generated from the complier?

    When I view the file in 'quick view' I see no export table and I've seen sample dll's and the export table is clearly visable. I'm tring to import functions in to HP Vee but it keeps telling me the functions are unloadable. It is only a very simple program at the moment ,with one function.

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    I also use mingw and I haven't had any issues with not exporting a .DEF file. However, this is only because I'm careful The best way to avoid problems is the have a header file that has all the prototypes for functions included in both the dll and the program that uses the program. If you don't then sometimes the program will look for a function in the wrong place. Or there is always explicit loading of functions using LoadLibrary() for getting a dll and GetProcAddress() for grabbing the memory location of the dll's functions. I find using LoadLibrary to be a much painless way of doing dll's.

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