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    Hi UAll,

    I need help???I am tring to do image overlay. My image DIB 24 bit (3 layer RGB) and i want to do image Overlay on top of it. I know that it is posssible but don't know how to do it. Please some one help you know how to do it. If possible give me an algorithm to do it.


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    I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do. So I'll offer this. BitBlt() has many raster codes for various things. You may want to try MERGEPAINT. This basically ORs the top color and bottom color. So the affect isn't exactly alpha, however, this is about the best you can do without OpenGL, DirectX, or even your own algorithms.

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    Image Overlay


    I am doing a web cam project, and want to do a overlay of to images. I have captured the image and is in usingned char*, so i want to do a overlay of another transperent image on it. I found a way dut am not sure how to use it. The way that i found is by using Image List, following is the process of the function in Image List

    1) Create Image List Object
    2) Load Images in the Object
    3) Set the OverLay and then Draw it on to the screen


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    You need to merge the chromatic values at all pixels. In RGB, there are three colours. Extract each color value separately from the pixel and merge them to build a new RGB value.

    Here's my own implementation using my own colour type defined as an array of three bytes (red, green & blue). Many other colour types encode colour as a 4 byte integer (for convenience), where three bytes are used and the other is padding.

    typedef unsigned __int8 BGRCol[3];

    void BtCol::BGRMerge(const BGRCol orig, const BGRCol mask, int percMask, BGRCol& rslt)
      // Static BGR merge (used with bitmap ScanLine)
      if (percMask <= 0)
        rslt[BGR_BLUE] = orig[BGR_BLUE];
        rslt[BGR_GREEN] = orig[BGR_GREEN];
        rslt[BGR_RED] = orig[BGR_RED];
      if (percMask >= 100)
        rslt[0BGR_BLUE] = mask[BGR_BLUE];
        rslt[BGR_GREEN] = mask[BGR_GREEN];
        rslt[BGR_RED] = mask[BGR_RED];
        int remPerc = 100 - percMask;
        rslt[BGR_BLUE] = (orig[BGR_BLUE] * remPerc / 100) + (mask[BGR_BLUE] * percMask / 100);
        rslt[BGR_GREEN] = (orig[BGR_GREEN] * remPerc / 100) + (mask[BGR_GREEN] * percMask / 100);
        rslt[BGR_RED] = (orig[BGR_RED] * remPerc / 100) + (mask[BGR_RED] * percMask / 100);
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