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    simple graphics /win

    is there an equivalent of 'putpixel' and like simple graphics functions
    that compiles under win (millenium)

    (i'm using BC 4.52)


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    You bet!

    COLORREF SetPixel(
      HDC hdc,           // handle to DC
      int X,             // x-coordinate of pixel
      int Y,             // y-coordinate of pixel
      COLORREF crColor   // pixel color

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    You didn't ask but the win32 api also has this:
    BOOL TextOut(
        HDC hdc,	// handle of device context 
        int nXStart,	// x-coordinate of starting position  
        int nYStart,	// y-coordinate of starting position  
        LPCTSTR lpString,	// address of string 
        int cbString 	// number of characters in string 

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