Thread: Is it foolish to program with Win32 API ?

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    Is it foolish to program with Win32 API ?

    There many books, web sites, tutorials are talking about MFC, VC++. Only a few of their content contain Win32 API materials.
    but I've heard that I should learn API before learning MFC, is it true?
    It seems that API is difficult than MFC.
    I type many code that even I don't understand for just doing a little task... it obsolete use api? I am new to API also... should I switch to MFC now ?

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    MFC is just a simple class wrapper around the Windows API.

    It is not foolish to learn Win API, nor would it be foolish to learn MFC.

    Personally, I use the API, but wrap relevant functionality into my own (re-usable) classes as I go. Certainly, it true that you end up writing a lot of code when programming with the API, but wrapping these into my own classes saves me from repeating the exercise in new projects. But that's my own preference.

    It's really just a matter of which you find more comfortable. Personally, with more people using .NET, I don't see MFC being very big in the future.

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    Yeah, it is good to learn API so you know what MFC is doing behind your back. However in terms of development speed (though not exicution speed) MFC is better, no quite as easy as VB but getting darn close!
    VC++ 6

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