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    The following function gives me an application error when I pass a filename (or wildchards) in searchFor that doesn't exist. (For example, I set path to "C:" and searchFor to "*.txt" but there's no txt-File in C:\ )

    How can I avoid that? Why does the while-loop run nevertheless there's no such file?

    BOOL FillTreeViewWithFileNames(HWND hwndTree, LPSTR path, LPSTR searchFor, UINT level)
        HANDLE hf;
        WIN32_FIND_DATA FindFileData;
        CHAR searchmask[260]="";
        strcpy(searchmask, path);
        strcat(searchmask, "\\");
        strcat(searchmask, searchFor);
        if(!FindFirstFile(searchmask, &FindFileData)) return 0;
        hf = FindFirstFile(searchmask, &FindFileData);
        if( (FindFileData.dwFileAttributes != FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) && (strcmp(FindFileData.cFileName,".")) && (strcmp(FindFileData.cFileName,"..")))
          AddItemToTree(hwndTree, FindFileData.cFileName, level);
        while(FindNextFile(hf, &FindFileData))
          if( (FindFileData.dwFileAttributes != FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) && (strcmp(FindFileData.cFileName,".")) && (strcmp(FindFileData.cFileName,"..")))
     	AddItemToTree(hwndTree, FindFileData.cFileName, level);
      return 1;

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    "If the function fails, the return value is INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE" not FALSE.

    False is non zero so when it returns the 0xFFFFFFFF or -1 your app considers it a success.

    hFindData = FindFirstFile(sBuffer, &FindData);
    if ((GetLastError() != ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES) && (hFindData != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE))
    //the good stuff
    //close and exit as error
    I would not call the FindFirstFile() twice, there is a better way and it is your job as a programmer to find it.

    I would also include some error check for string lenght seeing you 'add' them together. Some user may have typed in

    c:\MyDocuments\ThisUser\LastYear\LastWeek\Yesterda ysMessages\Averylongfilenamethatwillcauseabufferov errun.txt

    My boss did.

    Did you look at a listbox with the LB_DIR style for this 'explorer' style treeview?
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    Thanks for your suggestions so far, I'll try what you said.

    Since there's a treeview from which the user can choose a path and no possibility for the user to input it manually, I thought a check for string length wasn't needed; but of course you're right, the user just could have such a long path/filename on his Disk! I'll add that, too.

    I have a treeview for the Path and one for the File list, but I'll also check the Listview w/ LB_DIR as u suggested, thanks.

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