Thread: String Convert to Char ?

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    Question String Convert to Char ?

    I'm using Visual C++
    in my text box i assign a CString variable
    and i want to convert it to integer. How can i do it ?
    CString = "5+5*5"
    converts to
    int = 5+5*5

    actually i have assign a int variable to the textbox
    but when i insert 5+5, the int variable only contain 5 not 5+5.

    Please help me, and thanks you very much.
    i'm planning to make a calculator for my course's project.

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    Well i already tries atoi() but it just didn't work.
    i think it can't convert the arithmatic operator (-,+,*,/)
    plssss help me...

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    Okay. The solution to this calculator problem is simple; however, there is a considerable amount of coding involved. Here is one algorithm.

    - extract text from editbox into a string object or CString object
    - enter a for-loop
    - if isdigit(myString[i])...

    Note: There are numerous ways to determine the exact integer before the "+, -," etc. signs. Anyways, you will need to implement one algorithm to extract the exact integer before the a sign in during this step.

    - this next character must be a sign. Enter a switch and determine what mathematical sign the user has entered.

    - push the character into a queue
    - final step: run a for loop and carry out the addition, subtraction, etc.


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