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    Embedded Tools question...

    OK, so I'm doing an app on a Compaq iPAQ I have the initial form setup, but I need to link it to other forms..

    Question is.. how do I use an on-click event to show another form?

    what I tried was "frmMyFrom.Show" in the event, but that didn't do a damn thing.

    Is there a difference between VB programming and programming with the Embedded tools? If there is, can someone point me to some documentation? Or list some of the differences?

    Sorry if this all sounds retarded, but I'm a newbie with this stuff. My first steps into VB programming... I'm used to programming C or simple shell scripts.

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    ok, I figured out what was wrong that my second form wasn't showing up.. slow moment on my part... I'm too embarrassed to even say what I was doing wrong.

    ANYWAYS, I could still use some help in the differences in code if anyone has a good reference!?

    Thanks in advance.

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