I just started to learn MFC. I know moderate WinAPI, but hardly ever use it, so it's extremely rusty.

For some reason when I tried to add a test menu to my program I began to encounter strange crashes. I trapped the failure but I can't find anything wrong with my code.. please help.

Some facts:
-My menu was created using the Menu Creation dialog tool, IDR_MENU2 is the name of it in the resource.h file.

PHP Code:
/*my window class*/ class CMainWin : public CFrameWnd {     public:         CMainWin();         afx_msg void OnLButtonDown(UINT flagsCPoint loc);         afx_msg void OnRButtonDown(UINT flagsCPoint loc);         afx_msg void OnTest();         DECLARE_MESSAGE_MAP() }; /*my Constructor*/ CMainWin::CMainWin() {     if(!Create(NULL"MFC is as easy as 810,92,443",WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW,rectDefault,NULL,"IDR_MENU2"))     {         char buf[256];         sprintf(buf,"Error: %d",GetLastError());         AfxMessageBox(buf,MB_OK,0);     } } /*my message map*/ BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CMainWinCFrameWnd)         ON_WM_LBUTTONDOWN()         ON_WM_RBUTTONDOWN()         ON_COMMAND(ID_TEST,OnTest)         ON_COMMAND(ID_TEST_GO,OnTest) END_MESSAGE_MAP() /*and from the resource.h*/ #define IDR_MENU2                       111 #define ID_TEST                         112 #define ID_TEST_GO                      113 
The message pops up "Error: 0" then my app crashes (when i try to update the nonexistant HWND).

If anyone has any ideas, or if you think i need to put more info up here, please respond. Thanks in advance