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    Question buttons and textboxes

    hey there,
    I'd just like to know if creating buttons and text boxes for a simple application window is a hard job. I just learned how to write a simple form application in windows and strewth - was that a mouthful of code.
    All I need is a simple text box for input and a command button to activate a function or two. I would use VB but the BASIC language doesn't cater for my needs (pointers, classes etc)

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    If you have say VC++, you can implement this via the drag & drop resource editor that the compiler offers.......very like VB....and the code is minimal - much less than a normal window (No, WNDCLASSEX, No class registration)

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    Once you have a working window, adding controls to it is not more complicated. If you can do one, you can certainly do the other. Let us know if you encounter a specific problem.

    You can add controls with an IDE as Fordy said, or in a resource file, or dynamically with CreateWindow(). Options, options options...

    Good luck.
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