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    Switching Default Buttons :: MFC


    I would like to switch the style of two buttons to/from default. For example, initial ButtonA is the default button. As the user selects an option in a dialog box, ButtonB becomes the default button and buttonA becomes a normal button.

    I try changing the style of buttonB via SetStyle(BS_DEFBUTTON), however, that solution only highlights buttonB as though it is default. Nothing happens when I push Enter. When I push, Windows sends a message that buttonA is pushed. I set buttonA to default via Properties.

    Do you have to set the current default button to something else before setting another button to default?


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    I don't use MFC, but I believe the "defaultness" moves with the focus. Something you might try is using the dialogs setfocus method to switch the focus to the desired new target.
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    Okay. Pryrates of CodeGuru posted a solution that works flawlessly. A special thanks to Pryrates for such an elegant solution.

    Here is the final code.

    void CDialog::SetDefaultBtnOk()
    DWORD style = m_BtnOk.GetStyle();

    // make sure ButtonOK is not already the default button

    if ((style & BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON) != 1)
    style = m_BtnClose.GetStyle();

    // remove default push button style
    style &= ~BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON;

    // set the style
    ::SendMessage(m_BtnClose.GetSafeHwnd(), BM_SETSTYLE, (WPARAM)style, (LPARAM)TRUE);

    // inform the dialog about the new default control id
    SendMessage(DM_SETDEFID, m_BtnOk.GetDlgCtrlID());

    // get the style
    style = m_BtnOk.GetStyle();

    // add the default push button style
    style |= BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON;

    // set the style
    ::SendMessage(m_BtnOk.GetSafeHwnd(), BM_SETSTYLE, (WPARAM)style, (LPARAM)TRUE);

    The second function SetDefaultBtnClose() is the compliment of the above.

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