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    after quitting dialog...

    Explaining is quite hard, even if my English is not well. Well so; after quitting an application generally we can skip to another open window(task) by Alt+Tab keys easily but sometimes, after quitting some applications this is impossible without, either before minimizing all applications by WinKey+M or clicking to any window(desktop also) by mouse. I mean, Alt+Tab keys doesn't do the job, even there is other open tasks. Of course I'm talking about managing windows only via keyboard. Let me give an example, a lot of Borland Tasm applications do this for me, as I noticed. Maybe this is a long explanation but don't know can I explain this shorter. This time my Dev-C++ application does the same thing. Hope I could explained sufficiently. Anybody know a solution for this situation. Or how can I research this in the web? Key words? I do not need to explain why this is a problem for me, can understand this somebody who feels the same.

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    I think you may be talking about running a project from either Dev-C++ or whatever other IDE's you use. The simple answer is that windows, like any other operating system has flaws. When no windows are in focus what you just described can happened. Usually things like this happen when Application A makes an instance of Application B. Application A either minimizes or gives Application B focus. You terminate Application B and Application A who would normally be the next in line to gain focus is waiting for something to happen Application B. There are numerous other ways to create a situation where no window has focus.

    Bottom line: This isn't really a problem unless you don't have a mouse. And even then it is a mere inconvenience. Making a program that never allows this to happen would be all well and good, however, it is very unnecessary.

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    You are definitely right, this is not a big problem. I just thought that if only some compilers, only in some situations do this then there must be a trick or a something to avoid. Anyway, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, i did not know this is a windows flaw.


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