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    Ok I'm a total newb, heres my question. I whant to make it so when I make a dialog using the Resource editor i whant it to show up when i exute the programn instead of making my open dialog window you know what I mean? heres and example

    Open up MSVC++ 6.0 File >> new >> projects >> win32 app
    File Again >> New >> resource editor and I make my dialog window using RC now what do I script in the .cpp file to make it show up on the screen when i execute it!?

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    Do you want a main window?

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    I just whant the window that I made with the resource editor

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    instead of:
    HWND hwnd = CreateWindowEx( .. );

    do this:
    HWND hwnd = DialogBox( .. );
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    make sure to include the resource.h and script.rc in the project if you have made the dialog in the resource editor.
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