Thread: Problems with DIB in a resource

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    Problems with DIB in a resource

    I have an 8bit DIB as a bitmap resource.

    The problem is that I can't paint the bitmap properly in 256 color mode. When the bitmap is displayed its colors looks strange.

    I use LoadBitmap to get the handle to the bitmap and then I blit it to the screen from memory context.

    Is there any quick way to solve this problem ? How do I get the palette from the bitmap resource ?

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    Have you tried


    the help says you should realign the pen but I never have had a problem.

    What flag are you BitBlt()ing with?

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    No, blitting is OK.

    Try to make a 256 color bmp file, include it in a resource script, load it by LoadBitmap, select it to the memory context and blt it to the window. If you are on 256 color display you won't get the picture with proper colors. But, on true color display all is OK.

    I think I can't use LoadBitmap, because this function creates compatible bitmap (always compatible with current display mode) with no color information linked. If I would be able to get the palette from the resource I think I can set (or 'realize') the proper colors for the picture.

    DIB and palettes is pretty new thing for me and I have no time to go through the amount of pages in the Petzold's book.

    Is anybody able to point me how to quickly manage this problem?

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