Thread: Easiest what to get a windows handle with just the filename?

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    Easiest what to get a windows handle with just the filename?

    is there an easy way to get the main windows handle(it only uses one), by just knowing the programs filename?
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    Weird request...!!!

    I had a few tries at this, and it appears there would be more than 1 way to do this.....
    GetWindowModuleFileName() looked like a winner, but for some reason I couldnt get it to do what I wanted.....Also I realised my old version of the SDK is starting to become a pain in the arse......but that's another story....

    Anyway...not perfect by a long shot, but it seems to produce something....

    #include <windows.h>
    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstring>
    using namespace std;
    /*My PSAPI lib seems to be I had to 
    link to GetModuleFileNameEx at runtime*/
    char exefile[] = "C:\\WINNT\\System32\\calc.exe";
    //The exe of your choice....
    BOOL CALLBACK EnumWindowsProc(HWND hwnd,LPARAM lParam){
    	GMFNE lpGMFNE = (GMFNE)lParam;
    	/*Entry point to the GetModuleFileNameEx func*/
    	DWORD dwPID,//Process ID
    		  dwBytes;//Bytes returned
    	HANDLE hProc;//Process Handle
    	HMODULE hMod;//Module Handle
    	char buff[MAX_PATH];//Buffer
    	hMod = (HMODULE)GetWindowLong(hwnd,GWL_HINSTANCE);
    	//Get the module for the window
    	//Also the Process ID
    	hProc = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS,FALSE,dwPID);
    	//Now use that ID to get Process handle
    	if(hProc && hMod){
    		dwBytes = lpGMFNE(hProc,hMod,buff,MAX_PATH);
    			buff[dwBytes] = NULL;
    			if(!strcmp(exefile,buff))//Is it from calc.exe?
    				cout << "Found HWND - " << hwnd << endl;
    	return TRUE;
    int main(void){
    	HMODULE hMod;
    	hMod = LoadLibrary("PSAPI.dll");
    		cout << "PSAPI.dll not present";
    		return 1;
    	lpGMFNE = (GMFNE)GetProcAddress(hMod,"GetModuleFileNameExA");
    		cout << "Could not locate procedure";
    		return 1;
    	return 0;
    This uses the PSAPI.dll which is an addon to WINNT ( need NT at least for this prog as it deals with processes and stuff - there's a shock! )...this dll is usually in the system32 dir as loads of apps ship it & install it.....

    The code is messy, and there is probably a better way, but it might do with some tidying up.

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    Hmmm... how does the program know its own filename?

    Did you know that any windows process has a handle to itself? It's easy enough to get that:

    char szFileName[MAX_PATH];
                HINSTANCE hInstance = GetModuleHandle(NULL);
                GetModuleFileName(hInstance, szFileName, MAX_PATH);
                MessageBox(hwnd, szFileName, "This program is:", MB_OK | MB_ICONINFORMATION);
    You don't even need to know the filename.

    This code here actually finds the program pathway too but it does it by first getting the handle, i.e.

    HINSTANCE hInstance = GetModuleHandle(NULL);

    Tell me how that goes.

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    thanks fordy, looks good.

    i'll try it soon.

    the only real change think would help

    is using strstr() to find the filename without the path since that can change.

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