Thread: Changing the font on static text and buttons

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    Changing the font on static text and buttons

    Can someone give me an example of changing the font that is displayed on static text, buttons, edit boxes, etc. I would like to have the same font as the menu has (created through the resource wizard).

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    might not want to listen to me cause i'm new to windows programming but... i'm currently working with dialog boxes and in my .rc file i wrote

    IDD_Exit DIALOG 150,300,100,75
    CAPTION "Enter Password"
    FONT 10, "MS Sans Serif"
        DEFPUSHBUTTON   "OK",IDOK,129,7,50,14
        PUSHBUTTON      "Cancel",IDCANCEL,129,24,50,14
        EDITTEXT        IDC_Password,17,24,104,14,ES_PASSWORD | ES_AUTOHSCROLL
        LTEXT           "Enter the password",IDC_Static,17,7,86,10
    which allows me to set the font for buttons and text boxes in the dialog box... not sure if this helps at all.. might wanna wait for someone who knows what they are talking about

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    My bad: I should have stated that the text and buttons that I want to change are created dynamically with CreateWindowEx(). Is there a way to change the font from the SYSTEM_FONT to ARIAL before the control is created, thus the control would be displayed with the newly selected font?

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    Have a look at the attached, it should get you going.
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