Hi all,

Has anyone called a C++DLL procedure from VB in Excel
with success...........

I have a DLL which is working 100% when loaded into the
memory space of an exe.....

but just isnt kicking when I call it in VB in Excel.......??

Thanks in advance.....

'// heres the VB call to the Lib.....
// problem is that nothing is coming back.....

Declare Function noCompPrSht CDecl Lib "C:\_CutSizes\SMPxls_SheetNesting.dll" Alias "_noComponentsPrSht" (ByVal aNumber As Integer) As Integer

Option Explicit

Function dllResult(thisIntNumber As Integer)

If (thisIntNumber > 0) Then
dllResult = noCompPrSht(thisIntNumber)
End If

End Function