Thread: opening telnets in win2000/XP

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    opening telnets in win2000/XP

    The following runs in a loop and opens several telnet windows. The parameters and path to my telnet exe are stored in cmd.

    It works in win98, but in win2000, the loop hangs at each window until the window is closed.

    for (i=1; i<argc; i++)
    if (system(cmd)!=0)
    fprintf(stderr,"Error in system command!\n"); // let us know if there is an error

    How can I get win2000 to run through the loop without stopping?

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    Try using a MessageBox() instead of stderr

    NULL for the HWND is the main screen

    MessageBox(NULL, "Error in system command!", "My Apps Name", MB_ICONERROR|MB_OK);

    Header: Declared in Winuser.h; include Windows.h.
    Library: Use User32.lib.
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    Thanks, but this didn't work. I get the same behavior.

    I think the problem is in system(cmd). I will try sending win2000 some simple commands in cmd.

    Thanks again!

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    Instead of system("Telnet......blah");

    .......try system("START Telnet......blah");

    This will open telnet in its own console and the system() will return right away......

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    It works!!

    You rock!

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    system(START ...) works, that is.

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