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    WebCam Capture, and display

    Hi UAll,

    I am new to Windows programming, I am taking a independent study Course and am trying to program a WebCam Capture program. The Capture Program should show the two windows, one would be the stream coming form WebCam, and another i have to capture a frames from the WebCam as it will look like mirror of WebCam Stream. Please Help me with these. If any one have program then please give the like to it, This just the begining for the project i am trying to figure out but am not getting it so.

    I am also attacting the code that i have so if you guys are family with what i am doing then please help.....

    Pratik Parikh

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    What type of image format is the camera feed in. Does it produce jpg's, bmp's, avi, mpg ect?

    Try a search for GDI or GDI++ to get the library to use non bitmap images.

    You will need to look into HDC's and BitBlt() for the images. The rest is a standard windows app.

    Start with a 'hello world' window and go from there. If you can't yet do a window look for Petzold's "Programming Windows" or try a search here for some good links to the tutes.
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