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    How would I access a database then read and modify it?

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    You could use the file in and out functions provided by MFC. Read up on it, I dont have my notes with me so I cant give you a detailed description on how to do that.

    Hope this helped you.

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    How long is a piece of string?

    Seriously, there are dozens of answers to a general question like this. Some DB's provide a simple automation interface built in, other expose a complex API. Others one can build an OLEdb interface, or the older ODBC interface. It tends to depend on what you are using, and in what way, (local db, network server, etc.).

    If you a serious about DB programming, I can thouroughly recommend Lyn Robison's book "Database Programming with Visual C++", (if you are using another compiler - you may have some problems with the advanced stuff as he uses MFC classes, but things like ODBC are general).
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