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    Custom resource problem

    I'm trying to load a custom resource into my prog and instead if defining the data in visual studio, I'm pointing it to a text file. The problem I'm having is that I'm getting a can't find file error when the resource script is getting compiled. The file is defined in my resource script like this:
    POPUPMSG            TEXT                                 "popmsg1.txt"
    The file is located in both my DEBUG folder as well as in the prog folder. I'm just not sure whats going on here. The icon and the String table load fine, but it just won't find this file. I'm using VC++.NET, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    In VC++ its quite simple....dont need to even look at the text in the resource script

    Have a look at my response here

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    Thanx Fordy, that was what I needed. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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