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    amount of allocated memory...

    Is there any way (any API support) to find out how much memory has my application allocated in any moment? I have one that uses a lot of malloc()'s and free()'s. I got idea that i could use a global variable to count them all as they are performed, but i'd like to know if there is not better (simplier, possibly more accurate) way to archieve this

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    Try VirtualQuery

    BTW you can't get the exact size of reserved memory by simply counting all the allocations up, because when the allocation is made, the system often reserves greater space than is requested.

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    If using the win32 api try looking at its memory functions

    GlobalAlloc() LocalAlloc() GlobalRealloc() GlobalHandle() GlobalLock() ect.

    GlobalSize() will tell you the amount actually allocated. Try keeping count each time you alloc and free adjust the total. Write a function to do it for you (with a static as the total).
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