Thread: beginner here, need sum support

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    beginner here, need sum support

    Ok, ive read a lil about C++ and i basically made up my mind im going to start programming with C++, i have alot of documents about it already anyways. I read that you

    1. Create a source code file, with a .CPP extension.

    2. Compile the source code into a file with the .OBJ extension.

    3. Link your OBJ file with any needed libraries to produce an executable program.

    but im lost... whats a library first of all. Ill ask more once i figure that much out.
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    A library is a set of functions that have been written by someone else already so you don't have to bother. Handy things.

    In a C/C++ environment, you normally include a header file into your source code which prototypes the functions, and then link to the library when you build your .exe. Depending on your IDE/software, the linker may do this for you automatically, (most of the time at least).
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