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    dev c++ & win32

    Okay i'm not sure if i'm just dumb or what but I am new to win32 programming and using dev c++. Almost everytime I compile a program it will tell me that it cannot locate the file
    sometimes it works sometimes it does this, i am using petzold's book and just to make sure it wasn't me i copied the source code straight from the cd and got the same thing. Any help will be greatly appreciated as i do my learning mostly at work and the free compilers are all i have ):
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    When you use Dev you must create a new project every time you make a new program.

    If you use a .c or .cpp file that has not been createt by Dev, it will miss the .o file, that dev create when it create a new .c or .cpp file
    I think, anyway!

    therefor you must:
    1. Make a new project
    2. Select what type of program you gonna make (WinMain() projekt for win32)
    3. Save the projekt file
    3. Delete the text in the file untitled 1
    4. Copy the text from the tutorial source to untitled 1
    5. Save untitled 1
    6. Compile and run

    -then it shut work, else I don't know what to do!

    more info at:
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    btw, I'm useing Dev-4

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    I have had this problem too.

    In version 4 of Dev C++

    click "Project" >> "Project Options"

    under Project Type

    make sure the

    Do Not Create Console

    option is checked.

    It fixed it for me, when I had same problem, however if you aren't programming in WinAPI, i don't know what the problem is.
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    My bad, I misunderstood what was going on.

    If you don't want to start a new project you can

    Load you source code file.

    Click Options >> Compiler Options

    Click on the Linker Tab.

    Make sure that "Compile For Win32 (no console)" is checked

    Click OK then compile and run your program.
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