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    Question File Opener

    ofn.lpstrFilter = "Text Files (*.txt)\0*.txt\0Doc Files (*.doc)\0*.doc\0All Files (*.*)\0*.*\0\0";

    When I open a file with my prog it gives me 3 values

    Text File (*.txt)
    Doc Files (*.doc)
    All Files (*.*)

    How do I make one that says and opens

    All Supported Formats

    Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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    All Supported Formats\0*.txt, *.doc\0
    All Supported Formats\0*.txt | *.doc\0

    I know it's something like that.

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    I've tried that allready..

    I have tried that allready,
    it didn't work.

    Could it be my compiler?

    I use Dev C++ by Bloodshed

    OR is there any other way of doing it?

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    Use a semicolon to seperate the masks eg.

    "Bitmap Files\0*.bmp;*jpg\0\0\0"
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    Smile Thanks Much

    That worked great,

    Thank you very much.

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