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    Question Transfer memory to DC


    I am facing a problem for displaying an image for my custom format on the view.

    We have a custom file format for our purpose that stores the base image and delta images of the base image.
    I want to display some kind of animation using these data stored in file. For that I am using GDI's HDC. Using HDC I am coloring pixel of the view by putting loop of 800 * 600. The HDC is of created window by CFrameWnd.

    But I found very slow output for Base image. I am having the color data in memory (pixel map of whole view) so how can I directly transfer my memory data to HDC data. So that I don't have to use PutPixell function. (Some thing like Video memory in DOS).

    Jatan (

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    Pixel by pixel method is very slow, use BiBlt (), StretchBlt () block transfer routines.

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    Sorry, BitBlt ()

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