Thread: COM+ Error -2147467259 (0x7FFFBFFB)

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    Unhappy COM+ Error -2147467259 (0x7FFFBFFB)

    Hi there,

    Iím running a system with about 250 COM+ components.
    The problem Iíve run into, is that if two front-end applications call the same component at exactly the same time, that the invoke method fails with the HRESULT Ė2147467259 when calling GetIDsOfNames.

    This problem does not occur when the same component is accessed with a delay of about 1 second.

    Hope that someone will be able to help me.


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    My best guess is a mismatch of threading models.

    If your COM+ objects are apartment-model threaded, then there can only be one call to each object at any one time (which COM+ will synchronise). Single-threaded objects can have only one call to the library at one time. Free-threaded components are the choice for fully-multithreaded applications.

    The trap is that VB can produce single- and apartment-threaded objects, but not free-threaded. If you have incorrectly configured components, all hell breaks loose, and you get concurrency issues.

    Make sure your components are built for the threading model specified for them...
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