Thread: can .exe find the path to a file?

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    can .exe find the path to a file?

    I want to check the path to a file on a bunch of computers. I was going to use a c++ program to be run as they log into novell.

    The program would search for a particular file and save the path to a text file (i.e. c:\folder1\program.exe).

    I am very new to c++. Thanks in advance!

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    I haven't been exposed to anything in c++ that would do, my first thought is, create a dos batch file that uses the dos search commands for the file. Save the end result into a variable in your program and batta bing batta boom you have the path, then ofstream fout (whatever.txt); and that's about all i can think of for now.
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    Two functions that come to mind are FindExecutable(), and FindFirstFile(). There are non-windows specific ways but there is no need to use them. I find that FindExecutable() is fantastic for finding the path of the directory that your executible is running from. It sounds like you want to use FindFirstFile()/FindNextFile() functions to do what you want.

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    Remember to call FindClose() when finished.
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    Great! Thanks a lot guys!

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