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    ListView Sorting

    I am adding items to listview at runtime. Thats OK. But I want to list them as adding sequence. I tried to add them backward via "for" circle but this time an unhandled exception occur. I am adding list items from a dynamic array, then calling "addtolist" procedure then when turning from proc. deleting the array. But while delete command that exception occur. Interesting because if I would add to list from zero to increasing number, no problem. But if I would add them top to zero index then after returning from listing, deleting the array is a nightmare.
    I hope I could explain good. What can I do?

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    Need to see some code to help.

    Probably you go Out Of Bounds in the array. Then it could fail to free.
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    Ehm! thank you for your interest. You were definitly right. I corrected. It was about array bounds. I'm stupid.

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