Thread: BeginPaint() & EndPaint();

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    BeginPaint() & EndPaint();

    i'm a bit confused on this subject.. can anyone give me a quick explanation of this? so an idiot like myself can understand it....

    in message WM_PAINT:

    i always notice that all code is inside of BeginPaint() & EndPaint();

    but if i remove these functions the program still seems to run the same..... are these necessary? and why are they always used?
    i notice it stores something in a Paintstruct (i don't know what this is) but the paintstruct is never used again... what exactly is stored in the paintstruct?

    thnx in advance...

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    i remember when i didnt have BeginPaint and EndPaint in, it wouldnt allow me to process Keyboard input..
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    oh ok.. guess i better start using it then.... thnx

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    PAINSTRUCT is defined as follows:
    typedef struct tagPAINTSTRUCT
               HDC hdc;  //handle to device context
               BOOL fErase; //flag to indicate whether the backround was painted
               RECT rcPaint; //rectangle of invalid region
               BOOL fRestore;  /* reserved 
               BOOL fIncUpdate;           for windows
               BYTE rgbReserved[32];      internal use  */
    By calling BeginPaint(hdc, &ps) you:
    1) Validate the client area
    2) Windows returns a handle to the device context
    3) Fill in the areas of PAINTSRUCT

    Now if youd don't call BeginPaint on WM_PAINT and you don't validate the client area with ValidateRect windows will keep sending a WM_PAINT message and totally screw up your program flow. EndPaint will release the device context 'hdc' that you created with BeginPaint.

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    Ah much appreciated... i get it now thnx

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