Thread: Tree-view Won't Function!(HELP PLEASE!)

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    Question Tree-view Won't Function!(HELP PLEASE!)

    Everytime I create a Tree-view it shows up fine. I can put items in it very easily. When I add a WM_COMMAND message it stops working. No items are visible. What could be wrong?


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    When something is added it sends a WM_COMMAND. So, when the WM_COMMAND is processed and zero is returned Windows thinks you added it manually. What you need to do is create another switch statement.

    //Inside WndProc
    //More cases
    	case WM_COMMAND:
    		switch(HIWORD(wParam)){ //This is the notification message
                                                     //Put cases based on control
    			return 0;
                      default: return 1;
    //Finish switches
    If you do not process the msg then you need to return 1 else return 0. I think this will fix the problem you are having.

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    >>When something is added it sends a WM_COMMAND.

    My understanding is Treeviews return thru WM_NOTIFY not WM_COMMAND

    Hence the TVN_XXXX msg's (TreeView Notify)
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