Thread: Reading pixels from + sending mouse clicks to another application window - how??

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    Reading pixels from + sending mouse clicks to another application window - how??

    Hello C programming gurus!!

    I want to write a small C programme that in theory sounds simple enough, and hopefully you can let me know if its viable. I did some C programming a few years ago, so I'm not a complete newbie, but lets just say I'm a little rusty

    What the program will do:

    From a seperate windows application (not created by me), it will read pixels at specific x,y points and then mimic mouse clicks at certain x,y points.

    What I've found out so far:

    I'll need to use getpixel to read the pixels!
    I've found some info on mouse clicks.

    Setforegroundwindow or setfocus won'w work as these only work on programs under the threads control - how can I get around this??

    If I intend to have this program work on a windows application will it be hard to program if I've not done it before??

    Will the mouse click and get pixel be easy enough?

    These are kind of vague questions, but I'm still doing some research.

    I would loved to have posted a thread entitled 'Write me a C program that does...' - but I though that'd be a bit cheeky

    Any help you can offer would be great, as would any links you may have for achieving my goal.

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    You can simulate the action of the mouse using the mouse_event function.

    You can read pixels from the screen by first getting a DC to the screen (GetDC(NULL)), then using GetPixel. Don't forget to release the DC when you're done with it.
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