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    Talking total newbie windows programmer....

    could someone suggest a couple of very basic programs that i could try, to help learn windows programming? The tutorials are good and all, but they concentrate on one specific thing most of the time. I know a game of any sort would be too hard for me at this time, but any suggestions on what i could do to help exercise my win32 knowledge?

    What do you program when you are learning an API?

    One thing i did try was to make a little program that told you the X position of the mouse if u hit the left mouse button in the window, and the right mouse button was the Y position.

    Thanks for any input and advice you can give!


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    It sounds like you're heading down the right path with your mouse coord identifier. Basically, when starting out, anything that gets you used to how messages are processed is good. The Win32 tutorials at Game Tutorials here:

    They do each kind of focus on one area, but most of them use bits of the previous tutorials. But it's better when starting out to take the WinAPI bit by bit, makes it easier to learn that way.

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