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    Unhappy little help

    I really suck on this,could anybody plz tell me what the heck "instance" is?e.g:the instance of the application!
    much of thanx

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    An Instance is the instantiation of a type. Okay, in english, an
    Instance is one element that is created from a certain template.
    Example: Start MS Word 2 times. Now you have 2 Words running.
    Each one is an instance of Word. Both are different and yet the
    same type (Word).

    You always have an abstract concept ( class, program, type )
    and you can have realizations of this concept ( object, instance,
    variable ).

    hope you can make something out of my rumblings, I wouldn't
    be able to get the meaning of above sentences, but I don't know
    how to explain it any better.

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    Smile Thanx alot

    really appreciate that,nvoigt,now i can undestand it

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