Thread: Need help with Manipulating an MSSQL/Sybase database in C/C++

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    Need help with Manipulating an MSSQL/Sybase database in C/C++

    Ok I've searched through the FAQ, even though I thought this might be beyond the scope of that, I've done a Search, and could not find what I am looking for, so I am posting it here.

    Here is my project:

    Take information from 3 different Excel CSV files, and either update, insert or delete based on comparisons between the files and the database.

    Basically a one way Sync between the CSV files and the Database.

    The app will need to be used on both Sybase and MSSQL, so my best guess (considering I've never even thought about having a thought about changing a database via C/C++) would be that I have to use ODBC to interact with the databases.

    I am also developing this as a Win32 Console application because the whole idea of event driven programing escapes me. I just can't grasp the concept.

    Ok now to my questions:

    1. How do I connect to either Database through ODBC? Are there any funcions included in my .libs or do I need to write my own functions and can you offer some help or direction here?

    2. Any help with the functions needed to Insert, Update, Select, or Delete record from the database, would be VERY much appreciated.

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    I suggest you use ODBC, this way it doesn't matter what DB system is on the receiving end of your commands

    If you use VC/MFC, use the CDatabase/CRecordset classes.

    As communication with any DB system includes SQL, t might help to print out the neccessary SQL statements first and testing them with test data by hand on your DB system. Then implement them with the given classes.

    PHP Code:

    CDatabase    db;

    db.Open"USR=scott;PWD=tiger;DSN=test" );

    CRecordset    rs(&db);

    CString        strField;
    CString        strSQL;
    int          field_x 3445;

    strSQL.Format"SELECT * FROM TABLE_X WHERE FIELD_X = %d"field_x );
    rs.OpenCRecordset::forwardOnlystrSQL ); 

            while( ! 
    rs.IsEOF() ) 
    rs.GetFieldValue( (short)0strField );
    //do smth with field

    // do smth with e 


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