Thread: What is Window Programming???

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    Question What is Window Programming???

    I was just wondering what is window programming???
    is it c++ or java????
    if i want to learnt window programming..... any site suggested???


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    Its C++

    That is absolute crap! Window programming can be done in LOTS of languages.... and C++ is one of them. YOu can do windows programming in C, C++, Pascal, Perl... the list goes on!

    If you want to learn windows programming, pick your language, and then learn to use the windows libraries that come with the compiler of your choice, or learn to interface with the win32 API directly. I recommend the latter, and i recommend C++ also.
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    Just for anyone elses information. windows itself is coded in C. Therefore the native api probably makes the most sense syntax wise in C and C++. I like it in c++.

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