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    GitDlgItemInt & SetDlgItemInt

    I'm not using a dialog but you said that it would work to communicate between a button and an edit box, so how would i use the getdlgitemint and the setdlgitemint if the edit box i'm using id is ID_EDBOX number id is 108, my handle is ebox, i need to multiply a numerical value from the edit box and return it to the same box, i'm using borland so anyone got an idea on it?

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    so something like

    int      iEdit=0,uSuc=0;
    double   fFactor=0.101;
    char     sBuffer[64];
    HWND     hDialog=GetParent(edbox);
    case ID_BUTTON:
    if(BN_CLICKED == HIWORD(wParam))
        iEdit=GetDlgItemInt(hDialog, ID_EDBOX, uSuc, 10);
               sprintf( sBuffer, "%04.2f" ,(double)(iEdit * fFactor) );
               SetDlgItemText(hDialog, ID_EDBOX, sBuffer);
    the error check on uSuc is not needed but included to demonstrate its use.
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