Thread: starting with a maximized window

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    starting with a maximized window

    How do you make the window maximized when the program starts?
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    Hmmm.... weird...

    Well presumably you'd use WS_MAXIMIZE when you specify the windows style in the CreateWindowEx() function. But when I do that, it removes the X, minimize, maximize boxes, and makes the window useless....

    So I'm not exactly sure how to specify the style. It almost seems like it will only create a maximized window as a CHILD window of some other process... that doesn't seem right..

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    Try using WS_MAXIMISE with the


    style as well.
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    Tried that... doesn't work. In fact, nothing seems to work. No matter where I put it, it never makes a maximized window.. grrr....

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    hwnd = CreateWindow(blah, blah, blah);
    ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_MAXIMIZE);
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