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    Help With Combo Boxes

    Hello I Am Making An MFC Application. I have several combo boxes. I am reading from a file to put text
    inside of them. I am needing to know how to seperate what goes in each box?
    Inside my text file I have:
    400w atx case //needs to go in one combo box
    350w atx case

    Asus Motherboard //needs to go into another combo box
    ECS Motherboard

    Here Is The Code I Use:
    ///////////Code starts here/////////////
    char x; //make big enough to cover file
    CString buffer;
    ifstream file;

    //Open file"database.txt", ios::in); //What ever your file is

    //Check for file exist
    //Check for file exist
    CString facts = "File not found";

    //Read data
    char x;

    //MessageBox(buffer,NULL,MB_OK); //Test buffer
    buffer = buffer + x;


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    Put identfiers int the file
    For example, have your file setup like this:

    ram type 1
    ram type 2

    type 1
    type 2

    Then read in some stuff, if it's an identifier, you know what combo box to put stuff in.

    enum comboboxes { motherboard, ram, cases };

    if you read in an identifier, put it in a variable.
    switch (identifier)
    case 1:
    //do stuff
    case 2:
    //do stuff

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