Thread: Is this even possible....? I am trying to do something that it's not on the book

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    Is this even possible....? I am trying to do something that it's not on the book

    I am trying to draw a text to a direct draw surface but I can't get it for some reason...........I know I am wrong but I mean the book doens't tell me how to do that......

    	//create our first Direct Draw Object
    	HRESULT ErrorCheck=DirectDrawCreateEx(NULL, (void**)&DirectDrawObject, IID_IDirectDraw7, NULL);
        DDSURFACEDESC2	GameTittle;
    	memset(&GameTittle,0, sizeof (DDSURFACEDESC2));
    	DirectDrawObject->CreateSurface(&GameTittle, &GameTittleSurface, NULL);
    	HFONT NewFont;
        HFONT OldFont;
    	HDC dc;
    	AddFontResource( "Dark Crystal Outline.ttf");
    	NewFont=CreateFont(-40, 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,"Dark Crystal Outline");
    		OldFont=(HFONT)SelectObject(dc, NewFont);
    	SetBkMode(dc, TRANSPARENT);
    	SetTextColor(dc, RGB (0,255,0));
    	RECT rect;
    	GetClientRect (hWndMain, &rect);
    	DrawText(dc, TEXT ("Welcome "),-1,&rect, DT_CENTER|DT_VCENTER|DT_SINGLELINE);
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