Thread: BC++5 can not open OpenFile dialog

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    BC++5 can not open OpenFile dialog

    Did anybodj tried to using OpenFile dialog with BC++5(commandline) compiler. LCC can do but BC++ can not. Din't give any error or warning, just not opening

    I used Commdlg header, OPENFILENAME struct,... is there a difference for this compiler? At least for this situation

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    If it returns a zero try using the


    to get more error info. You are linking to comdlg32.lib in both?
    (I use them in MSVC 6 without problems)
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    Borland's command line tools are configured for NT/2k. At a guess I would say you are compiling in win 9x?

    If so, then add the following two lines to your bcc32.cfg file in the bin directory of your install:


    Put them first, before the include and lib paths. Recompile and run your program and hopefully the errant common dialogs will appear.

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